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"My dietitian helped me understand my triggers for overeating. I'm much more in tune with my hunger now and can stop eating once full. I'm an athlete and it's been amazing for my performance."

Sandra, New York

"I used to count calories. I always felt tired and unhealthy and would eventually gain back any weight I lost. Since starting with Nourish, I've been able to actually make progress in getting healthy. I'm so much happier in my body now, and I can actually enjoy the food I like without feeling guilty after."

Landry, Pennsylvania

"I've been dieting on and off for the last twenty years. Working with my Nourish dietitian has allowed me to escape the yo-yo diet cycle and actually build habits I can stick with. I never thought I could actually be this happy."

Sophie, Texas

"The best I've ever felt and I'm no longer worrying about what to eat. Working with my dietitian has helped me listen to my body and enjoy eating snacks again."

Vanessa, Texas

"It has been life-changing."

Victoria, California

How it Works

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1. Tell us about yourself

Let us know what your goals are and we’ll find the right dietitian for you.

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2. Get convenient care

Use telehealth to meet with your registered dietitian wherever you are.

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3. Use your insurance

All our dietitians are in-network. Relax and focus on your health.

The Nourish Program

Nourish’s clinically-validated program gives you everything you need to eat well easily.
Dedicated dietitian
Let us know what your goals are and we’ll find the perfect dietitian for you.
Personalized plan
Your dietitian will conduct a comprehensive nutrition assessment to develop a plan to reach your health goals.
Holistic health
Your dietitian will address nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness, supplements, medications, and more.
Mobile app
A dietitian and tech tools in your pocket 24/7 to turn food from a stressor to a healer.
Curated content
Relevant resources and advice including handouts, recipes, and meal recommendations.
1:1 messaging
Between sessions, your dietitian will support you on your health journey.
Goal tracking
Set goals and track progress with your dietitian via personalized clinical metrics.
Care coordination
We collaborate with your existing healthcare providers to provide world-class care that is tailored to you.
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We’re here to help you

Cut through the noise
Develop a sustainable plan of action
Receive accountability and support
A plan that’s personalized for you

Our Success Stories


I always let my eating disorder define me, but for once I finally feel in control

Kim's Success Story


I have had a long battle with my eating disorder, with time spent with dietitians in both residential and outpatient care. I had felt like I was at a pretty good place in my recovery, but then during Covid everything took a turn for the worse. I was quickly slipping back into some of my bad habits. I was stuck in an overly structured recovery program and I needed to find a new approach that worked for me.

After reading up on Nourish, I realized that it was the perfect fit for me - it wasn’t just a one-size-fits-all approach. My dietitian was exactly what I needed to finally start to feel more confident in my ED recovery progress. She has been incredibly compassionate and supportive throughout our time together. She knows about my unique battle with ED, and takes into account my personal preferences in every meeting we have together. She also never judges me for anything I say or do and makes sure I view our sessions together as a safe and supportive space to open up.

I know not every day will be easy, but since starting with Nourish I’ve had more wins than I can ever remember having before. I feel confident that I’ve found the right match to always support me when I struggle, and ultimately help me overcome my battle with ED. I never imagined I would be in such a good place and am finally so excited to see where the future takes me!


For the first time in my ED journey, I feel like I am not alone.

Amelia's Success Story


My dietitian has been with me every step of the way the last year and a half as I have battled my eating disorder and countless other health issues that I have. Oftentimes, my doctor or other health care professionals will only focus on the problem that they are treating me for, but my dietitian has really considered everything about my health and life when determining the best path forward for my treatment.

Having an eating disorder can be really complicated, and sometimes other doctors do not understand exactly what I am going through. They’ll ask me questions or prescribe treatment plans that go completely against all the progress I’ve been able to make with my eating disorder. Every time I have had an issue, my dietitian has been there to speak with my doctors to ensure I am getting the best treatment across the board.

I finally feel like I have a champion who believes in me, and my dietitian believing in me has allowed me to believe in myself. The progress I’ve made in 18 months is more than I could have imagined, and I cannot wait to continue my journey with Nourish.


To put it simply, Nourish has been a lifesaver for my daughter and me.

Julia's Success Story


My daughter Julia had been going to a psychiatrist to deal with her disordered eating, and the topic of getting a dietitian had come up. I was completely desperate to help her in any way I could, so I jumped at the opportunity and was connected with Nourish by her psychiatrist.

Immediately, the dietitian connected on a teenage-level with my daughter, which I think has been crucial for my daughter’s recovery. She was incredibly kind and really engaged with Julia, which I know can be difficult at times with teenagers. Our dietitian went above and beyond to 'meet Julia where she was at’ - going so far as to adjust appointment times to align with Julia's school schedule, and being flexible with any goals or strategies she set with Julia so that Julia could accomplish them while still getting to experience a ‘normal’ teenage life. I could finally start to see Julia turn a corner, and seeing the hope in her eyes finally return was incredible for me to watch.

I have appreciated how much I am kept in the loop by Julia's dietitian. We finally have someone helping both of us deal with the nutrition challenges that she is constantly facing. My daughter went from eating basically nothing to having 3 meals and 4 snacks a day consistently. So much of her pain is gone, and that is all thanks to our dietitian. I highly recommend anyone looking for a guiding and supportive figure in their child’s life get a Nourish dietitian.


Her RD wasn't just just talking about meals and calories, but making a true connection

Becca's Success Story


The part of her care team that my daughter Becca always struggled with the most was her dietitian, because that was the one member who was forcing the most change. That’s why I was so thrilled when Becca actually came to me about a new RD that she had seen on instagram - I thought there may finally be an opportunity for Becca to connect with her dietitian.

Immediately, things were much easier at Nourish than our experiences elsewhere. Our dietitian was able to find a time that worked within Becca’s difficult schedule. With sports, school, friends, and all her other extracurriculars, it can often be hard to fit important appointments in, but with Nourish it was easy.

There was an immediate impact. She’s been feeling better, which I’ve had the opportunity to hear both from her and from her dietitian because Nourish involves the parents in their own sessions, too. Her improvement in health has led to her getting a lot of her confidence back, and I have finally been able to see her happy again. It feels like such a relief to watch my happy girl back with her friends.


I’ve seen my A1C drop 3 points and I finally feel like I'm in control.

Lance's Success Story

New York

Before I started with Nourish, diabetes was seriously hurting my entire life. My A1C was much higher than I was hoping and it was creating stress and pain. I really did not feel like myself, so I was desperate to find a solution that worked for me. Luckily, I found Nourish online and was able to get the perfect dietitian that would work for my specific situation.

From day 1, Nourish helped turn my life around. Yes, my dietitian was incredibly knowledgable about type 2 diabetes, but more importantly, she also took a big interest in my whole life. She helped me better understand my own diagnosis and where that fit into my overall nutritional journey. We worked together to create a clear path forward that made sense for me. It was the first time in my life that I truly felt like I understood my diabetes, and it has had a lasting impact on my mental wellness.

I am so thankful that my dietitian was able to help me in such an impactful way. I’ve already seen my A1C drop 3 points, but perhaps most importantly, I am starting to finally like I am in control. Without Nourish, I know I’d still be feeling completely physically and emotionally drained. I have felt so much better mentally and physically since I started seeing a dietitian with Nourish.


Now, I virtually never have stomach pain.

Balina's Success Story


When I first met with a Nourish dietitian, I was expecting the same treatment as usual. Any specialist I had met told me to just not eat certain foods, have a structured meal plan, and my problems would go away. All the recommendations felt so generic, and I was incredibly tired of hearing that my only option was to eat only a few ‘clean’ foods for the rest of my life. Instead, my dietitian listened to my whole history and all the issues that I was experiencing, then worked together with me to develop our plan of attack. I was tired of having the same experience over and over again - I needed someone who would actually improve my life and found that here.

Since that first meeting, my dietitian has completely changed my view around food. I’ve been able to work with her to find out what food, patterns, and other factors influence my stomach pain.

Every dietitian I had used prior had just given me suggestions on what to change, with no real plan or guide for how to implement the changes. My Nourish dietitian is the first one who has actually helped guide me through a true lifestyle change, and has been supportive and by my side every step of the way. Now, I virtually never have stomach pain, and on top of that, I have a much healthier and well-rounded mindset towards food in general.

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