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Jennifer Williams

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Jennifer comes to Nourish as an experienced Registered Dietitian with a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Maternal and Child Health. She is a board certified specialist in Obesity & Weight Management (CSOWM). She has significant experience in weight loss, bariatrics, wellness, diabetes education, public health, heart health, integrative health, allergies/intolerances/disease states requiring substantial restriction (I.e alpha-gal, celiac) and more! Jennifer loves to guide patients on their wellness journey! Her specialties also include general nutrition, disease prevention, and public speaking. Jennifer believes in meeting a patient where they are; including aspects of life that are quintessential to the patient, including food (whether coffee, a glass of wine on occasion, a favorite dish, etc.) or lifestyle (always on the go/meal prep fanatic/foodie, etc). Jennifer is a wife & on the go mom of 2 precious kiddos who help keep life anything but boring! She also is a foodie, enjoys travel, and values the small moments in life!

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