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Jose Guzman

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Jose Guzman is a registered dietitian originally from Chicago and currently based out of Northern New Mexico. He earned his BS in Nutrition & Dietetics at Northern Illinois University and completed his dietetic internship at Tulane University in New Orleans. Prior to becoming a dietitian, Jose was a classically trained chef. He pivoted his career after making a lifestyle transformation that resulted in dramatic weight loss and reversal of chronic disease. Jose now blends his love of food with his passion for helping others take small, actionable steps to start on their own health journey. Jose does not believe in cookie-cutter meal plans or strict eating schedules, but an approach that includes all foods in a variety of cultural foodways. His specialties include kidney disease, diabetes management, heart health, and vegetarian/vegan cooking. When he's not at home cooking, Jose enjoys hiking across the Southwest, camping with his wife, and trying his hand at becoming a DIY mechanic.

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