Our Mission

We want to help you live a healthier, happier life

Over 100 million Americans face chronic conditions related to what they eat, but less than 1% get the nutritional counseling they need. We want to change that.

How Nourish Works


Our process and counseling are evidence-based and backed by scientific research to help you achieve rewarding and sustainable results.


We match you with one of our registered dietitians to guide you through personalized lifestyle and nutrition changes that are sustainable and unique to you.


We’re constantly innovating our services to ensure you have access to the tools you need to achieve your goals in whatever way works best.

Why Choose Nourish

90% of people who used Nourish reported they felt happier and healthier after twelve weeks of working with their registered dietitian.

The solution

We want to help you

Nourish is building the first national telehealth network of dietitians who accept insurance. This helps individuals find great care they can afford while helping dietitians build their practices.