Our Mission

We're simplifying nutrition to help you live a healthier, happier life

More than half of Americans have a chronic condition related to what they eat, but less than 1% get the nutritional counseling they need. We want to change that.

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About Nourish

Nutrition is the front door to healthcare, but unfortunately, nutrition is complicated — poor nutrition is the number one driver of chronic disease and preventable death. These conditions are often caused by people’s relationship with food, but that concept is not widely understood. Our new approach is needed to help patients struggling with their nutrition.


We provide quality care based on the latest clinical research. We track quality of care deliberately to ensure we deliver improved health outcomes and habit change.


We focus on sustainable behavior change for the long-term, not quick fixes. We address the root cause through patient education and nutrition therapy.


Each person is unique and therefore requires individualized care that is tailored to their needs. No one-size-fits-all fad diets or cookie-cutter meal plans here!


We approach care collaboratively with our patients and their care team. We practice empathetic counseling and create a safe, inclusive environment for patients to share, learn, and foster self-compassion.

Why Choose Nourish

90% of people who used Nourish reported they felt happier and healthier after twelve weeks of working with their registered dietitian.

The solution

We want to help you

Nourish is building the first national telehealth network of dietitians who accept insurance. This helps individuals find great care they can afford while helping dietitians build their practices.

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