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Achieve your desired health and wellness through personalized nutrition counseling. Nourish is the easiest way to find a registered dietitian and get it covered by your insurance.

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"The best I've ever felt and I'm no longer worrying about what to eat. Working with my dietitian has helped me listen to my body and enjoy eating snacks again."

Vanessa, Autoimmune Therapy

"I am eternally grateful! Nourish has made a HUGE difference in my mental well-being and given me the knowledge to understand my diagnosis and move forward with a plan of action for keeping myself healthy and happy."

Paula, Gastrointestinal Treatment

"Nourish helped me confirm dietary choices for bone health, brain function support, and cancer prevention."

Jennifer, Cancer Therapy

"Nourish helped me focus on the things my diet was lacking like snacks that are necessary for my diabetes."

Michael, Diabetes Treatment

"I continue to improve my numbers on my blood results and am learning how I can nourish myself more efficiently."

Kim, Heart Disease Therapy

"It has been life changing."

Victoria, Eating Disorder Recovery

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3. Use your insurance

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Frequently asked questions

What is Nourish?

We help people find affordable nutrition care that works with their insurance plan, reducing the cost of seeing a dietitian to as low as $0 out-of-pocket. Our mission is to expand access to nutrition care and simplify food for everyone.

What is a registered dietitian?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are health professionals specializing in food and nutrition. The title of RDN is a nationally recognized credential. All our RDN’s have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition and/or Master’s degree in Nutrition and then an approved Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dietetic internship. RDN status also requires successfully passing the National Registration Exam and accumulating a sufficient number of ongoing continuing education credits annually.

Are dietitians the same thing as nutritionists?

An RDN is sometimes referred to as a nutritionist; however, a nutritionist who has not achieved RDN status may not advertise or practice as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. RDNs and LDNs are the only health professionals permitted to counsel patients on medically necessary dietary intervention.

Which insurance companies does Nourish work with?

We currently work with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Humana. Please reach out if you'd like us to add coverage for another network!

How much does an appointment through Nourish cost?

Depending on your insurance, your visit may be fully covered by your insurance company. You may be surprised by how little you have to pay — 95% of Nourish patients pay nothing at all!

We also offer private pay services if your insurance does not cover sessions. Initial Assessment: $180 Follow-Up: $145 Note: Rates increase for family work and for longer sessions. You can pay with cash, check or card. A card is required to be on file. We don’t offer a traditional “sliding scale” but we do keep a couple of spots available for those who need help financially. Fill out our form or contact us today at if you have any other questions.

How many appointments will I need?

We have a very individualized approach depending upon your current diet, your goals and the number and severity of the health issues you face. Ideally, we like to work with you weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending upon your needs. This approach provides an opportunity to work with you during various eating situations throughout all the seasons of the year (holidays, vacations, barbecues, etc.). Some clients need more intensive follow-up than others — it varies from client to client.

Do you see children?

Yes, we see people of all ages and we have several dietitians who specialize in pediatrics. We have experience in dealing with nutrition issues related to children, including overweight/underweight, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, food allergies, and eating disorders.

Do you speak Spanish?

Yes, we have several team members who speak Spanish! They can help you make your appointment. Please let the receptionist know that you would like a Spanish-speaking dietitian when you set up your first appointment. Sí, tenemos un dietista en nuestro personal que habla español. Por favor, indica a la recepcionista que le gustaría hablar con una dietista que habla española cuando haces su primera cita.