Taylor Hawkins, RD, LD
My deepest desire is to provide compassionate and empathetic care to all people while helping them discover what health looks like for them as an individual. This kind of patient-centered care is a top priority for Nourish, which is one of the main reasons I love working for this company.

Taylor Hawkins, RD, LD

Medical Reviewer & Nourish Dietitian


Taylor Hawkins works as an outpatient dietitian for Nourish where she specializes in eating disorders, disordered eating, emotional eating, general wellness, and GI health.

Taylor cares deeply about simplifying and personalizing nutrition for all of her clients while also equipping and empowering them with evidence-based information so they can cut through dieting and nutrition misinformation. Reigniting her client’s love for food, helping them discover what it’s like to feel their best, and showing them that pursuing health does not need to be stressful or boring is what brings Taylor the most joy.


Professional Accomplishments

Completed a 1200-hour clinical dietetic internship


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