Back to School Recipes

Back to School Recipes | Kids Lunch Ideas
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BALANCE is the name of heading back to school and keeping you and the kids fueled with nutrient rich foods. Here are some of the ideas to begin

Lunch Boxes

Elvis on a Roll – Peanut Butter + banana+ ham slices

Tasty Dips – peanut butter for a wonderful source of protein and fat with a mix of fruit and veggies full of antioxidants to ward off and colds and germs

Breakfast on the Go

Egg Cups -Planning the night before for breakfast can be a life saver of time in the morning rush. Eggs mixed with tomatoes and chopped up left over bell peppers from the pizza kabobs. Baked at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Placing them in the fridge so the kids can pop them into the microwave on their own to save time in the morning and to help get the kids active in their balanced nutrition is important.

Grab & Go Snacks

My favorite!

Fridge Box- milk + yogurt + cheese all wonderful sources of protein and potassium for kids along with grapes

Pantry Box- peanut butter+ fruit leather+ Omega-3 rich trail mix

Lickity Split Dinner

3 Tips with dinner – simple; colorful, kids active. Keeping these 3 tips in mind when planning out dinner will help to have you and the family choosing nutrient rich foods to tay balanced.

Pizza Kabobs– check out the link for this great dinner idea that is fast and gets kids active in meal prep or even eating.