Body Image Support Group in Austin Texas

Body Image Support Group in Austin Texas

Body Image Support Group in Austin Texas

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Ready to build a better relationship with your body?

In the body image support groups, you will gain insight into how your relationship with your body is often driven by emotion.

Online Body image group

The group will foster understanding about how poor body image, lack of sense of self, and low self-esteem impact our identity and make change difficult. From body diversity to connecting that health does not equal weight and building up how YOU define health for your body is just the beginning of what is covered in our group.

Weekly online group sessions will provide education about food neutrality, debunking food myths, and help clients reduce behaviors impacted by negative body image.

Did you know that the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry wanting you to have a negative body image?

This group is not limited to a specific type of eating disorder and will allow clients to explore the underlying issues that impede them from maintaining a stable recovery.

Make Peace With Food and Your Body& Empower and Honor Your Healthy Self!

Our support group is a safe space to talk about the harms of diet culture and discuss the freedom and challenges that come with intuitive eating in recovery.


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