Eating Disorder Treatment in Austin

Eating Disorder Treatment in Austin

Eating Disorder Treatment in Austin

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Key Takeaways

The support you need to overcome your eating disorder.

That’s why having a team of support behind you to encourage you through the ups and downs of your eating disorder recovery is vital to your success.

Yet, how do you know what to look for in an eating disorder treatment team? Eating disorder recovery in Austin, Texas can start with the team at Nourish.

Our Approach to Nutrition

The dietitians at Nourish focus on employing you through a non-diet approach to meal planning, using intuitive and conscious eating principles.

Our passion is to help people LOVE real food, EAT without guilt, discover their HEALTH, and ENJOY all that life has to offer. Eat well. Be well. Live well.

We help guide you to create a personalized plan to incorporate nutrition and activity into their lifestyles, that helps you meet your recovery path. Along with helping you bridge the gap in making peace with food, we also spend time helping you understand the science behind nutrition. We believe that food can be exciting and when talking about nutrition, especially when de-bunking some of those diet myths, we have fun in session!

What to Expect in a Nutrition Session

  • Lots of listening to you.
  • All foods fit – no good, bad, right or wrong food list in our office.
  • A space that’s safe for all people. Your body is not a problem to be solved, and in honoring that, we’ll work with your body and not against it.
  • Can’t get this wrong. We won’t be made if you make a mistake.
  • Nutrition! We love to share the fun and sciences of food and help you understand the why and science behind everything.


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