Tips for Mindful Eating During the Holidays

How to Stay Healthy in the Holidays

Tips for Mindful Eating During the Holidays

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Worried that this holidays will add more stress with your health than you needs? Learn how to stay healthy this holiday season with these quick tips. Leave a comment below if you feel you can follow at least 1 of our tips today!

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  • Tip 1 – Slow down at meals
  • It takes 20 minutes for your tummy to send a signal to your brain to let you know you are full. At you holiday meal if you noticed you have inhaled more than half your pate before everyone has sat down you might have no idea if you are actually satisfied.
  • This holiday work on slowing down and allowing you tummy to actually have time to communicate with your brain.
  • Tip 2 – Don’t skip a meal or starve yourself in anticipation of a feast
  • Just like the going to the store hungry you tend to not stick to your plan and choose everything b/c you are super hungry and maybe even a bit anxious
  • Have a snack before
  • Tips 3 – choose your seat wisely
  • When you are sitting right next to the appetizer table its easy to keep munching on the chips. And when you are maybe sitting across the room you will have to stand up walk around to get another serving and allow you a chance to check in with yourself to see if you are truly hungry or not
  • Tips 4 – Be picky
  • When you are at these functions and there is seasonal treat that you just LVOE maybe choose that as your dessert for the evening as opposed needing to try everything. We have all had sugar cookies and we might not always have the opportunity to have a Ule Log
  • Tip 5 – Portion Size your plate
  • All too often we forget everything we know about food health and taking care of ourselves during the holidays. When going through your buffet line, or sitting at the dinner table remember MyPlate and do the best you can to fill your plate accordingly.


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