Nutrition for Burnout and Emotional Stress

Nutrition for Burnout and Emotional Stress

Nutrition for Burnout and Emotional Stress

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Let’s talk about Burnout

Have you gotten to the end of your day and felt like you are burnt out and annoyed by all the patients you have seen for the day? Or are you dreading going to the office the next day? Do you wake up feeling like you just want to call in sick because you don’t want to do the same thing you did yesterday? Well, my friend, I hate to break it to you,  you are BURNT OUT!

How do you know when you are burnt out?

If you have no direction daily all the work you are doing is for nothing! If you don’t don’t know where you are going with your career that is when you will suffer from burn out. In your mind, you are just working, and you are just seeing one patient after another and another and then going home. Repeat that same thing day in and day out.

Tips to Avoid Burn Out

Decided TODAY the reason you are doing things. Everything you do need to have a reason. When I was in my first job as a clinical dietitian, I knew my reason was to learn! I need to learn what it is like to be a dietitian, think on my feet, interact with a medical team, and see 20-35 patients a day. The reason is I learned how do be a clinical dietitian, manage my time, and be a cictu=ial member of the medical team.

My second job was in management, and my reason daily was to learn because I knew that when I have my private practice I need to learn how to manage a team and what that will look and feel like.

There is always a reason behind your position and being clear on your reason will help you to avoid burnout. It will not be fulfilling in your current job or in your private practice if there is no reason.

Getting Clear on your Reason

Burnout comes when you wake up to go to work, see clients to make money to pay your bills, then rinse and repeat. That feels painful day in and day out. Before we go any further let’s get clear, making money is a wonderful surface why. In order to truly avoid burnout, there needs to be a deeper why you are working and learning to make money.

Think back to when you were trying to get into nutrition internship or coordinated program. I am sure you were busting your bottom, getting internships, volunteer work, anything to continue to make your application more attractive. You were clear on your why and you were not going to take anything but getting into your program so you put your entire heart in one place.

So what changed? I don’t believe you got lazy, I feel you were never asked what’s next?

Here I am asking you What’s Next?

Do you know what you want next in your career path or even life path? Talk time right now to write out, and if you need help I created this FREE guide to help you walk through what is next for you in your path.


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