Orthorexia Quiz | How to Maintain a Healthy Balance

Orthorexia Quiz

Orthorexia Quiz | How to Maintain a Healthy Balance

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Key Takeaways

Feel guilty and uneasy if you miss one exercise session

Feel obligated to exercise even when you don’t want to

Make up for one missed workout by doubling it the next session

Intentionally miss work or school to squeeze in another workout

If you overeat, you feel the need to exercise to make up for it

You force yourself to exercise, even if you don’t feel well

You prefer to exercise rather than being with friends

You become very upset if you miss a workout

You base the amount you exercise on how much you eat

You’ve trouble sitting still because you think you’re not burning calories

You worry that you’ll gain weight if you skip exercising for a day

You no longer experience pleasure during exercise

You can’t bring yourself to take a day off from exercise

You perform poorly when workout

So, how do you tally? Exercise too much, huh?

OK, OK, OK,…………

There’re exceptions to this.

  • Some of you might have to train or exercise more because you’re:
  • An athlete – even then, I still see over training as dangerous
  • Participating in a sports event, like a marathon
  • On a weight loss program

But the motto remains that – don’t over do it……BALANCE!


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