Why & How to Find a Dietitian for Diabetes

How a Diabetes Dietitian Can Help

Why & How to Find a Dietitian for Diabetes

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Living with diabetes is more common than many think. Approximately 37.3 million Americans have diabetes, with almost 20% of this group unaware that they have this chronic condition. While type 1 and type 2 diabetes are still incurable, there are actions you can take to reduce your symptoms.

It’s repeatedly been proven that the proper diet can help control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes from disrupting your life. Working with a diabetes dietician can provide the support and treatment you need to live life to the fullest.

Here’s what you need to know about what a dietitian for diabetes can do for you.

What is Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes?

A diabetic dietitian delivers Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). It is one of the foundations of educating yourself on your diabetes and learning how to manage it. It includes several aspects, including nutritional diagnosis, treatments, and counseling.

Type 2 diabetes nutrition counseling is a comprehensive nutrition therapy service that provides personalized dietary assessments. Connecting with a dietitian or nutritionist for type 2 diabetes can help you understand which foods will worsen and lessen symptoms.

It relies heavily on initiating behavioral change through gentle reinforcement and establishing a care plan that matches your goals. At Nourish, we ensure that our treatments go at your pace, so you never feel overwhelmed during or between sessions.

Your diabetes dietitian can pave the way for behavioral and lifestyle changes that address your nutritional problems. While much of the focus of MNT is on type 2 diabetes, nutritionist diabetes type 1 treatment can also be beneficial.

The goal of MNT from Nourish is to enable you to take control of your condition and enhance your quality of life. We want you to spend less time worrying about your diabetes and more time living.

How Can a Dietitian Help With Diabetes?

Turning to a professional dietitian or nutritionist for diabetes could be a turning point in reducing your blood sugar levels. Whether you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, the support of a Nourish dietitian can allow you to take back control of your health.

Preventing, managing, and treating diabetes is possible with the help and support of Nourish. So, what can diabetes nutritionists and dietitians assist you with?

Creating Your Roadmap

Your roadmap is your journey and a visual representation of your recovery strategy. It details where you are now and where you want to be. With Nourish, you are never alone. We help you overcome the obstacles of living with diabetes, encouraging you throughout the process. 

The roadmap is designed to improve your nutrition for diabetes and show you where you can access the resources and motivation needed to stick to it. We move at your pace so that you never feel like you’re moving too slowly or quickly.

The individualized nature of the roadmap means you are in the driver’s seat of your recovery.

Personalized Nutrition Planning

At the heart of diabetes management are diet and nutrition. Unfortunately, not everyone has received the counseling and therapy they need to be aware of what can help them.

We offer one-on-one sessions online with Registered Dietitians to learn more about you. Our counselors learn about your lifestyle, your worries, and any external factors that could be influencing your diabetes.

With your counselor, you will plan your nutrition, look into lifestyle changes, and advance your education on your condition. We are here to empower you to better manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


You will experience ups and downs throughout your journey. Monitoring your progress and celebrating your successes is vital to maintaining your motivation and getting the encouragement you need to keep pushing.

Regardless of your goals, our philosophy is to support you in making healthier food choices. Nourish helps you to learn about which goals to aim for and how to reach them. Touchpoints offer opportunities to celebrate, reflect, and plan your next steps.


We incorporate mindfulness into the equation to help you master your healing process. Mindfulness is a pillar of the Nourish Approach because it supports you in your recovery.

Throughout your sessions, your diabetes dietitian will guide you in centering yourself and fostering the mental skills needed to continue making progress in your daily life.

Avoiding Complications

Diabetes can lead to serious complications, including heart failure. Proper management of your condition is vital to good health for years to come.

Our team analyzes your current state of health and provides guidance on how to avoid common complications.

Finding a Diabetes Dietitian

Are you searching for a “diabetic dietician near me”?

Everyone has a different lived experience with diabetes, meaning that treatment needs to be personalized. Standardized plans are unsuitable for achieving optimal results.

If you are searching for a professional in your area, the best way to find one is to consult with someone who is already undergoing counseling with a dietitian specializing in diabetes. Ask them about their experiences and whether they would recommend their dietitian to you.

You can also search online for a professional dietitian. Before hiring anyone, make sure they have been properly certified and registered. Anyone can claim to be an expert in diabetes. At Nourish, all of our team are fully Registered Dietitians with advanced nutritional knowledge.

Get in touch with a few professionals and ask them about how they support people in managing their diabetes. Any reputable dietitian will always be willing to speak to prospective patients about the strategies and techniques they use to support their clients.

At Nourish, we take pride in offering extensive knowledge regarding diabetes and the challenges that come with the condition. We take the time to get to know you so that we can match you with the right professional. Our team can also work with your existing care team because we believe in the benefits of the collaborative care model.

Manage Your Diabetes with the Right Nutritionist 

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes afflict millions across the country, with many individuals unaware that they have the condition in the first place. Working with a dietitian creates the roadmap to help you manage and control your blood sugar levels and begin to live your best life. 

Searching “find a nutritionist near me”? Locating a dietician with the right expertise has never been easier! At Nourish, we are proud to offer affordable and convenient counseling sessions tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Our care plans are personalized and always available at your convenience to help kick-start your healthier life.

To find out more about using Nourish to manage your diabetes, contact us now.


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